Discover PAOMA

An ingenious composition

The magnetic blind Paoma is the solution to dress the window of a steel door, without having to drill it. Made of fabric and composed of a magnet system, without ropes or fasteners, the blind offers a neat look and adapts to the dimensions of the window. A safe, functional and superior quality innovation.


Intimacy and openness

Whether you choose to preserve your privacy or open the view to the outside, PAOMA offers you both possibilities in the same magnetic blind, combining functionality and style. Approved security
Designed to remain in place despite the countless openings and closings of the door and to resist various manipulations, PAOMA was invented a priori for a need for security, to which it responds effectively.


Easy maintenance

Thought to be removed as quickly as easy to install, PAOMA is machine washable. A bag designed for this purpose allows to insert the blind when removed from the rod. How ingenuity, simplicity and practicality can be allied.


Innovation from here

The PAOMA magnetic blind was invented by Audrey Janelle, a window dressing specialist from the Laurentians region of Quebec, Canada. It was first the answer to the specific needs of a client of PAON DESIGN, a textile design company that later became PAOMA. Magnetic solutions have diversified and now stand out on the market as a solution for steel door cladding.


New versions of the PAOMA: the curtain and the canvas

In addition to blinds, PAOMA now includes a curtain and solar fabric version, which is simpler in composition and therefore less expensive. The curtain is made from lighter fabrics, for the perfect taut sheer effect, designed for steel doors. Just as stylish, it has fewer magnets than the blind, making it even more malleable for a multitude of positioning options. Solar shades are made from stiffer fabrics with different levels of opacity. Instead of pleating it upwards, you roll it up on itself. It can be installed on any type of window.