Window coverings and blinds

Window dressing is an essential need, isn't it?

Whether you have small or large windows, you necessarily have a need and PAOMA.CA has a proposal adapted to your situation. You want to filter the light while preserving the outside view, to preserve your intimacy, to save energy, to protect from the heat, to dress a patio door... the solutions are numerous!

We have:

  • custom-made window curtains made of fabric
  • Roman blinds
  • solar panels
  • opaque, alternating or sheer blinds

The possibilities are endless on PAOMA.CA you are bound to find something you like.


Buying blinds and shades online can sometimes seem complex but PAOMA.CA makes it easy.

It is now possible to buy a high quality blind or curtain at a good price. Depending on your dimensions, you can find your "ideal" product directly on PAOMA.CA and even your custom sizes thanks to the instructions and telephone support. Depending on the case, you can get your price directly online or by email if you choose to use our free 30 minute telephone or virtual Zoom consultation service.


LOUVOLITE- Dress your windows with prestige and at a good price.

Opaque fabric with roller loungeKitchen roller blindRoller fabric with patterns   

Now available on PAOMA.CA, LOUVOLITE blinds are high quality products with a 5 year warranty. LOUVOLITE is a company whose textile factory is based in England. The fabrics are manufactured there according to a know-how and an expertise renowned worldwide in the industry of blinds. They have a wide variety of window coverings in inventory and the products are then assembled directly in Quebec by a Quebec company, SALETEX SANA, distributor in Canada.


How to choose your fabrics and blinds online? You must identify your needs.
  • Magnetic curtains, to dress the window of a steel door. They have a pure design and can be made of soft, textured, plain or patterned curtains, lined or unlined, opaque or transparent and are available in many different colours.
  • Magnetic blinds, they are in the spirit of a Roman blind. Fixed on the steel door thanks to the magnetic rod and the magnets on the sides which create a series of lilies according to the arrangement on the frame. There too the possibilities in terms of colours, transparencies... are numerous so go ahead.
  • Magnetic sunscreens, they bring the notion of a sun filter to the table. Several levels of sunscreen are offered to allow you to choose your level of privacy, temperature regulation and more.
  • Roller blinds LOUVOLITE can be used in any room of the house, with a water resistant print for the bathroom, blackout for the bedroom, all in a modern and pure design.
  • Sheer Face Blinds LOUVOLITE, they have a modern design that filters the light while preserving the view, protects you from UV rays while preserving your privacy. The perfect mix.


Personalized and customized service with the various options available for a better shopping experience. There is bound to be a solution for you.
  • Online shop with no need for a quote. Fast and simple.
  • Free 30-minute telephone or virtual consultation service
  • Possibility of in-home or in-house consultation with a designer for the purchase of several blinds in Montreal, Laval and the Laurentians.
  • Commercial solutions are also available on request.
  • Contact usat to find out if we can come to you.