Our story

A well-thought-out Quebec invention 

The PAOMA magnetic blind is an invention of Audrey Janelle who was at the time president and designer of Paon Design. It was originally created to meet the needs of a client in Saint-Jérôme, Mrs. Johanne Caissy. She had been looking for four years for a solution to dress the window of her steel front door. Her two young children were constantly dropping the store-bought magnetic rod. She was worried about the day one of her daughters would receive one of the heavy magnetic hooks on her head! She was desperate to find a safe solution without having to drill through her door.

Having a young daughter herself, her client's problem appealed to the designer a lot. She sought to understand why the hooks fell so easily. She found that the fact that the hooks were away from the door made them tip over when pulled down, like a lever. From there came the idea of a flat rod with a magnetic stripe along the entire length to better distribute the weight and avoid leverage. To add to the security, she then came up with the idea of creating a system of repositionable magnets inside the blind to eliminate the strings. Mrs. Caissy's wonder was instantaneous when she installed and dragged the PAOMA magnetized blind along the window framing. "The solution was so simple and effective!" she said.